Tesla Model S and Model X refresh in high production by Q3 2021

On the Q1 2021 Tesla earnings call this afternoon, Elon Musk confirmed that the new Model X and Model S would be in high production by Q3 of 2021. Musk noted that there could be as many as 2,400 vehicles produced per month in their Fremont Factory with deliveries starting in Q2 or early Q3.

Tesla shut down the Model X and Model S lines in December to complete a re-tool of the production line. This was the culmination of several hints in the preceding months that Tesla was going to update the design of their flagship vehicles.

The speculation was true and the two luxury vehicles received some big upgrades in January. Changes were made to the interior, and minor updates were made to the exterior. The two cars include an all-new interior with a 17-inch horizonal and tilting screen, yoke steering wheel, and an infotainment unit that rivals a PlayStation 5.

Some of these new components have been a challenge, meaning no units have been officially manufactured. However, Tesla has been building them and is storing them for the final touches and further testing before shipping them out to customers.

Musk noted that both the Model X and Model S would be in high production in Fremont in Q3. The company is aiming for 2,400 vehicles produced per month. However, due to part and chip delays, production could fall to 2,000 vehicles produced per month.

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