Up close walk around video of Plaid Tesla Model S with yoke steering wheel

Last week we saw the first confirmed sighting of the all-new Plaid Tesla Model S. We now have our first up close walk around video of a blue Plaid Model S that was spotted parked in San Francisco this past weekend.

Like many of the test vehicles we’ve seen roaming the streets, this one is again missing several pieces of interior trim. The center console on this model also appears to be incomplete as the rear screen is not in its typical position, instead pointing more towards the floor than the passengers.

It also had the yoke steering wheel, and not the round steering wheel that is believed to be included until Tesla receives regulatory approvals for the new design.

As the person behind the camera we get to see to the signature PLAID badge on the trunk, as well as the gorgeous 21″ Arachnid wheels that add an extra $5,900 CAD ($4,500 USD) to the price tag.

Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the first deliveries of the refresh Model S to begin. Tesla announced in its Q1 2021 production and delivery press release the ramping of production has begun, so we should start seeing them in the hands of the first lucky customers soon.

Check out the full walk around below.

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