First Plaid Tesla Model X spotted at Fremont test track

A new drone flyover of Tesla’s Fremont factory has given us our first glimpse of the new Plaid Model X.

The Midnight Silver Metallic Model X was seen driving around the Fremont test track earlier this morning by YouTuber Gabeincal. Outfitted with the optional 22″ Slipstream wheels, the electric SUV was seen doing some straight-line runs before stopping next to a new Tesla Semi.

While the Model X didn’t appear to have the signature PLAID badge on the trunk, it was definitely the more expensive variant due to the red brake calipers visible through the wheels.

It also appeared to have the optional white interior.

Since the refresh Model X was announced in January, there have only been a few sightings, none of which have been the Plaid variant. This is a good sign that production and testing is progressing and the first deliveries will hopefully begin soon.

CEO Elon Musk had hoped to begin deliveries of the new Model S in February. Recent rumours suggest VINs have already begun being assigned, but no customers have actually reported receiving one yet. Others have seen their delivery dates pushed back as far as July.

You can check out the full video below, which includes more footage of a packed logistics lot, the Tesla Semi, and Fremont’s Giga Presses, which both appear to be operational after a fire at one of them last month.

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