Tesla offering discount to customers with existing orders for Model S and Model X

After years of waiting Tesla finally announced a design refresh to the Model S and Model X earlier this week. Along with the drastically redesigned interior, Tesla also increased the prices of all variants of its flagship vehicles.

That increase left customers with existing orders placed before the increase suddenly facing having to pay about $10,000 USD more than originally planned.

Those customers are now learning Tesla is softening the blow just a bit, by offering a $2,000 discount on existing orders.

According to @AlternateJones, the automaker is also honouring the price of his Full Self-Driving (FSD) purchase, which was made before the price increase after the release of FSD beta.

The offer is also being given to customers in Europe, but are being told they will have to wait a lot longer to receive their vehicles than originally planned.


CEO Elon Musk referred to the price increase during the company’s Q4 2020 earnings call, saying he hopes customers aren’t too upset about it.

If any customers in Canada have been offered a similar discount, let us know in the comments below.

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