Refresh Tesla Model S with yoke steering wheel spotted leaving Fremont on car carrier, more than 30 spotted within factory

In what may be the best sign yet that customer deliveries are about to begin, a refresh Tesla Model S has been spotted leaving Fremont on the back of a car carrier. Making it even more interesting, it had a yoke steering wheel.

The car was captured in a drone flyover on March 6, 2021 by YouTuber Gabeincal. His drone arrived at the logistics and shipping lot at south end of the Fremont factory just in time as the truck began moving moments after he began filming.

But before it left, he was able to get close enough for us to see it had the yoke steering wheel.

yoke close up
Image via Gabeincal /YouTube

This is only the second time we’ve seen the yoke steering wheel out in the wild. The first was spotted by The Kilowatts last month when they found a blue Model S in a parking lot.

Finished in the brilliant red multi-coat paint, the Model S was also equipped with the new 21″ Arachnid wheels, a $5,900 CAD option.

Refresh Model S car carrier
Image via Gabeincal /YouTube

Unfortunately the rest of the car carrier was loaded with Model 3’s. The rest of the flight around the parking lot didn’t reveal any other refresh Model S vehicles, but that wasn’t the case within the factory.

Later during his flight he was able to find more than 30 of them looking as if they just came off the production line. It is more difficult to tell if any of these have the yoke steering wheel.

Refresh production line
Image via Gabeincal /YouTube

When it was first announced CEO Elon Musk said he hoped to have the first deliveries happen in February. That obviously didn’t happen, but they look like they will be able to meet the Design Studio estimates of March deliveries.

Here’s the full video, with the Model S right at the beginning.

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