Tesla increases prices of Long Range Model S and Model X in the US, no changes in Canada

Another week, and another round of price increases at Tesla. This time the change impacts the new refresh Long Range (LR) Model S and Model X.

In an update to the Design Studio on Thursday evening, the prices for both of the base model EVs increased by $5,000. The LR Model S now starts at $84,990, while the LR Model X starts at $94,990.

This price increase now shrinks the gap between the entry-level and Plaid variants of the flagship vehicles. It also increases the price difference between the refresh and pre-refresh Model S, which used to start at the meme-worthy price of $69,420.

It also follows the recent $10,000 increase to the Model S Plaid last month, and is likely the result of increased supplier costs and also increased demand.

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Unfortunately the new price has not also resulted in new estimated delivery dates. Customers who place orders today for the Model X should not expect to receive their cars until early 2022. Since deliveries of the refresh Model S have already begun, they have a shorter wait of just 2-3 months.

As with most of the recent changes, both vehicles in Canada were unaffected by this round of price increases. The LR and Plaid variants start at $114,990 and $169,990 respectively.

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