Tesla Model S Plaid top speed increased to 175mph with Track Mode

Earlier today Tesla released the Track Mode update to the Model S Plaid. According to the release notes, the feature allows owners to maximize the driving experience on closed courses with improved thermals, drive systems, suspension adjustments, and a new interface to display it all.

One change not listed in the release notes is an increase to the top speed.

Shortly after receiving the update today, Carmine’s Import Service on YouTube wasted no time in taking their Plaid out to test the new feature, and discovered it can now reach at least 175mph (281km/h).

That is a 12mph increase from the previous electronically controlled speed limit of 163mph (262km/h).

In case there was any doubt, they posted a short video to their YouTube channel to prove it, which also gives us a look at the new critically high brake temperature warning message. (h/t: @astanoje)

According to the driver, the Plaid was equipped with the 21″ Arachnid wheels on this high speed run.

This now brings the Plaid closer to the advertised top speed of 200mph (320km/h).

Tesla’s website still says this can only be achieved “with paid hardware upgrades,” likely referring to the upgraded ceramic brake kit available on the Tesla Shop, and tires rated for such a high speed (the current tires are rated for 175mph).

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