Tesla increases price of Model Y in the US as demand soars

As demand for Tesla vehicles continues to outpace supply, the automaker has increased the price of the Model Y for the seventh time in a row in 2021.

Unlike previous price adjustments which also impacted the Model 3, the electric sedan has been able to escape this round of changes unscathed.

The last time Tesla increased the price of the Model Y was just two weeks ago. At that time the Long Range (LR) variant jumped $500 to $52,490 USD. Following the same pattern, the LR Model Y is now up another $500 tonight to $52,990 USD.

The Performance Model Y saw no price change. Canadian prices for both Model Y variants were also unchanged.

Model Y Price Change

  • Long Range – $52,490 to $52,990 (+$500)
  • Performance – $60,990 (no change)

This now makes the LR Model Y $3,000 more expensive than it was earlier this year.

The price increase comes at a time when demand for the Model Y is at an all time high. Recent rumours have suggested the automaker has almost sold out its entire Q3 supply before the quarter even starts.

This appears to be true as the online Design Studio is estimating that if you place your order today, your car won’t arrive until September.

Model Y Sept


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