Tesla forced to retrofit Superchargers in Taiwan with CCS2 plugs

Following the decision of a local consortium with the goal to standardize electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment, Tesla is being forced to retrofit all of the Superchargers with CCS2 plugs in Taiwan.

The decision comes from the Taiwan EV Charger Equipment Supplier and Manufacturer Advancement Alliance, which in March 2021 proposed the standardization of charging infrastructure to help promote EV adoption in the country.

Upon hearing of the discussions, Tesla Taiwan approached the group and requested that their proprietary connector be included as well. Naturally this request was declined, with the rationale being that it went against the nature of the proposal.

The front runner for the standard was CCS2, the same plug that is widely used across Europe and other regions outside North America.

But this posed a problem for Tesla, as all cars sold so far in Taiwan only have their proprietary connector charging port.

The decision is now final, and CCS2 is the charging standard for electric vehicles in Taiwan. As a result, Tesla is being forced to make some changes to their vehicles and Supercharger stations.

In an email to Taiwanese owners on July 5th, the automaker said that all vehicles delivered to Taiwan from Q3 2021 onwards will come with a CCS2 charging port.

Additionally, all Supercharger stations will be retrofitted with an additional CCS2 charging plug.

Tesla has reacted quickly to the news, and the first station has already been retrofitted. Tesla Owners Taiwan founder Michael Hsu visited the converted station at the Neihu Operation Headquarters and shared photos showing both Tesla’s proprietary connector and the new CCS2 plug.

As Michael points out, that leaves another 28 Superchargers still to be retrofitted.

Source: Reddit

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