Giga Shanghai Model 3’s now have heated steering wheels

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai is now manufacturing Model 3’s with the coveted heated steering wheel.

On the first day of 2021 the automaker made a big update to the Design Studio in China. Along with new Zero-G Performance wheels and factory black trim, the electric sedan was also updated to include the heated steering wheel.

Heated steering wheel China

Just over a month later the first customers are now receiving the feature. According to an image posted to Reddit, a Long Range (LR) Model 3 delivery in Hong Kong had the heated steering wheel activated.

Hong Kong heated steering wheel
Image via Reddit

As you can see, the vehicle still has an older software version, and does not have the updated UI that came with the first half of the holiday software update. This aligns with Model Y’s being delivered with the heated steering wheel in Canada and the US. Those have software version 2020.39.110, a unique numbering system for vehicles straight from the factory.

We are expecting the heated steering wheel to appear in Model 3’s built out of Fremont as well, but have yet to see one hit the streets.

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