Video of first Tesla on Autopilot responding to and stopping for traffic lights

Since last year Tesla has been advertising that Autopilot would soon be able to recognize and respond to traffic lights. It was originally hoped to out before the end of last year, but that deadline was missed.

Now it appears the autonomous feature will be released soon, as Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Motoring shared a video with us showing a Tesla Model 3 responding to traffic lights.

Connor did not reveal how this particular Model 3 had access the new features. It could be possible that this is an early release of an upcoming software update, possibly as part of the EAP (Early Access Program) available to some owners. According to Conner, the feature responds not just to traffic lights, but also stop signs.

It is unknown at this time when this feature will be publicly released, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk take to Twitter and retweet the video, all but confirming the feature will be coming soon.

I bet all those Tesla owners who recently received the HW3.0 upgrade are pretty happy right about now.

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