Giga Shanghai sets new production record in August

Along with setting a new record for the number of cars exported out of China, Tesla also set a new record for the number of cars produced at Giga Shanghai in August.

According to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Giga Shanghai produced a total of 76,605 vehicles last month. Of that number 19,884 were Model 3 and 56,721 were Model Y.(via Shareloft)

The new watermark easily breaks the previous Giga Shanghai production record of 70,928 vehicles that rolled out of the factory in June.

Not only was Tesla able to produce nearly 6,000 more vehicles in August compared to June, they were able to do so even though Giga Shanghai was not fully operational for the entire month.

Tesla began a project in July to upgrade the factory’s Model 3 and Model Y production lines, a project which was only fully completed on August 8, 2022. That meant the first week of Model 3 production in August was essentially zero, as evidenced by the disproportionate number of electric sedans produced compared to the Model Y.

With one month to go in Q3 and the strong output in August, the Tesla China team has already surpassed their production output for all of Q2. The second quarter was impacted by COVID related shutdowns which resulted in 115,229 vehicles being produced at Giga Shanghai.

So far in Q3, Tesla China has produced 115,324 vehicles. With the increased production capacity at Giga Shanghai following the upgrades, estimated to be at around 1 million cars per year, it would not be surprising to see Tesla set another production record in September, possibly as high as 100,000 units as some have predicted.

Earlier today, the CPCA also announced that Tesla had sold 76,965 cars in August, with 42,463 of those being exported out of the country, a new record for Tesla China.

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