Tesla shares video of Model Y production at Giga Shanghai

Giga Shanghai Model Y production line
Credit: Tesla

Tesla is just beginning to ramp up production of the Model Y at Giga Shanghai. In a video shared to the automaker’s Weibo account in China, we get a small glimpse of what it takes to produce the electric SUV.

The video, posted to Twitter by @Ray4Tesla, shows the Model Y’s unique single-piece rear cast emerging from the massive 6,000 ton Giga Press machine in an entirely automated process.

Model Y Giga Press Shanghai

Deliveries of the Model Y in China began last month with special ceremonies happening simultaneously in a number of cities across the country. In two separate teardown videos shortly after, it was revealed the Giga Shanghai Model Y’s also feature the single-piece casting first seen coming out of Fremont late last year.

Giga Shanghai Model Y production line 2

You can check out the full video below.

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