Tesla reportedly slows down solar roof installations amid supply crunch [Update]

Canadian Tesla fans are still waiting to see Tesla’s solar roof make it north of the border, after Elon Musk said it would arrive in late-2021. It looks like we may be in for a longer wait as the company has reportedly slowed down their solar roof installations in the United States.

According to a report by Electrek, Tesla has stopped scheduling solar roof installations in most markets across the US. While the installations are paused, Tesla has reportedly shifted their installers to solar panels instead.

UPDATE 8:36am PST: According to Weddle and Sons Roofing, a popular third party solar roof installer, this pause only applies to direct install teams. The company says they are unaffected and with high levels of demand are increasing their pace of installations.

No reason was provided for the pause, but it is likely due to a supply crunch. All industries have been suffering through supply chain issues over the last year or more, so it would be no surprise to see Tesla’s solar roof now fall victim to the issue as well.

The solar roof product has also proven very popular. A report last year by Kelly Roofing showed customers are replacing their roofs with Tesla’s product because they want to. This is a massive shift in customer sentiment as homeowners typically only replace their roof when they need to because of the high cost associated with it.

In 2021 Tesla launched their latest version of the Solar Roof tile. The roof tile is the same physical size as the previous version, but is more efficient and provides a 22% increase in max power output.

Tesla is scheduled to publish their Q2 2022 earnings report after markets close this afternoon. The report will provide the latest stats on their Energy division, and may shed some light on this potential solar roof tile issue.

Source: Electrek

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