Tesla launches new solar roof tile

Tesla Solar

Tesla launched their next version of the solar roof tile, which provides greater efficiency and higher power capacity over the previous generation.

The new solar tile (Model #: SR72T1) offers a max power output of 71.67-watts. The previous generation SR60T1 provides a 58.5-watt capacity.

According to a spec sheet of the new tiles obtained by Electrek, they are the same physical size as the previous generation but provide a 22% increase max power output.

Keeping the tiles the same size allows the solar roof to fit more solar power on a single roof.

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When it comes to installation, Tesla does not install an entire roof of solar panels. Instead, they optimize the roof by installing both solar tiles and non-solar tiles in difficult areas to be the most efficient.

From the ground, the solar tiles and non-solar tiles look the same.

In addition, Tesla also notes that they can install the solar tiles over existing roofs on their fact sheet. Specifically, they can install over:

  • Three-tab composition shingle, single layer
  • Architectural composition shingle, single layer

Tesla solar continues to push the solar roof and the new shingles. Not only are they standardizing the product, but they are also allowing independent roofing companies to install them.

In addition, Tesla recently increased the referral program for the solar roof to $500.

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