A giant Porsche Taycan software update is on the horizon

Whether you have been driving your Porsche Taycan since 2020 or just picked it up, a comprehensive software update is on the horizon.

Porsche announced that the company will release an all-vehicle software update on the Taycan to bring all vehicle years up to the status of the 2023 model.

The Vice President Model Line Taycan, Kevin Giek, had this to say:

This campaign will allow our customers to benefit from the continuous further development of the Taycan. We have extensively optimised the model series in almost every respect since 2019. New functions have been added and others have been revised or tweaked to further enhance the customer experience. Following this update, anyone driving a Taycan from early in the car’s production run will be pleasantly surprised by how much has developed on the vehicle side since then. Internally, Porsche refers to this as the ‘uPdate’ because the 2023 model year, which started in July 2022, bears the letter ‘P.

Some of the biggest changes include:

  • Updates and new functions to Porsche Communication Management and Porsche Connect, including optimising voice control and integrations with the Spotify app and wireless Android Auto.
  • Updates to the assistance systems, including a broader ParkAssist function.
  • Updates the powertrain settings to allow for better range (as much as 30mi/50km based on WLTP) and optimised energy recuperation.
  • Updates to thermal management options will allow greater range and shorter charging times in winter conditions.
  • Unlocking functions after vehicle purchases, the first being the keyless opening function for the doors and tailgate.
  • Expanded over-the-air updates.

While the Taycan does have over-the-air update capabilities, it is not active yet so this update will require a visit to a Porsche dealer.

The update will take the better part of a full day to complete, but the good news is this will help set the building blocks for true OTA updates in the future.



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