Tesla Supercharger in Surrey gets its cables cut [Update]

One of the busiest Superchargers in the lower mainland of British Columbia is going to be at limited capacity for the next while after the station was vandalized and a number of the charging cables were cut.

The Surrey Guildford Supercharger is a 72kW Urban Supercharger with a total of 20 stalls, and is frequently the sight of long line ups of Tesla owners waiting to plug in and charge.

Unfortunately those line ups might be more common in the next few days after the station was vandalized on Wednesday with at least 8 of the charging cables being cut.

UPDATE Sept 24 3:47pm PDT: Tesla has replaced the damaged cables and the station is back to being fully operational. (h/t: @M3Blueteam)

A photo of the damage shared by Rick Postma on Facebook shows the cables were cleanly cut just a few inches away from where they come out of the Urban Supercharger pedestal.

As with other instances where Supercharger cables have been cut and stolen, the thieves were likely after the copper inside of them. They will attempt to sell the copper to scrap metal recyclers, but they likely won’t get much money, if they are even accepted at all.

Unfortunately this isn’t the only time a Supercharger in Surrey has been vandalized like this.

Earlier this year four cables were cut at the South Surrey V3 Supercharger while it was under construction and days away from opening.

Fortunately crews were able to repair that station quickly, and hopefully they are able to do the same with the Guildford Supercharger.

If you are in the area and stop by the Surrey Supercharger, please send us some photos and let us know if the cables have been replaced at tips@driveteslacanada.ca or tag us on Twitter @driveteslaca.

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