Tesla Supercharger cables cut twice in one week in Cincinatti, another station in Oakland also vandalized

Two Tesla Supercharger stations were damaged this week, with the charging cables being cut presumably for the copper inside of them.

In Cincinatti the Supercharger station was damaged twice in one week. According to u/Grinolam on Reddit, all but 4 of charging cables were cut.

The reason four were left untouched is because those stalls are reportedly visible from a nearby security camera.

A Tesla technician was at the site when the photos were taken, and told the Redditor that he had just replaced the cables the day before after they were first cut earlier this week.

Photos and video of the damage show the cables were cleanly cut about one inch away from where they come out of the pedestal, showing the thieves were likely after the copper inside of them to sell for scrap.

Another Supercharger station was damaged in a separate incident in Oakland, California this week. A video shared by Pixie (@PixieAWDboosted) on Twitter shows at least 7 charging cables were cut at an Urban Supercharger in an underground parking lot.

However, this incident appears to be more a case of vandalism as the cables were cut several inches away from the pedestal.

These two cases highlight what appears to be an increasing trend in thieves damaging Supercharger stations for the copper inside the charging cables.

Earlier this year an 8 stall station in Oakhurst, California was also hit. In that incident Tesla was able to quickly repair the damage and install a temporary security camera to prevent it from happening again.

The new Supercharger station in Surrey, British Columbia was also hit earlier this year. Four of the charging cables were cut just a few weeks before it opened.

Tesla Supercharger in south Surrey vandalized while under construction [British Columbia]

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