Tesla to build publicly funded ‘universal’ Superchargers open to other EVs in Europe

While rumours have been swirling that Tesla will soon be opening their Supercharger network to other automakers, it looks like the first stations to do so may be in Sweden and Norway.

According to documents posted online, Tesla has applied for public funding to build Superchargers in both countries. As part of the requirements for the funding, the electric vehicle (EV) charging stations must be publicly available to all EVs.

Government officials in Norway have stated that Tesla has agreed to build two ‘universal’ Superchargers that will open by Q3 2022.


In Sweden, Tesla has also reportedly agreed to similar conditions, but may use a workaround to receive the funding. Hanna Eklöf from the Swedish Transport Administration said the automaker “applied on these grounds and also certified this in the application form when they ticked that box.”

When reached for comment, Tesla did not confirm the news, but provided a statement that suggested they might not be universal, but other chargers on-site will satisfy the requirements (via elbilen.se).

“[We are] exploring opportunities to expand our network. This includes collaboration where we combine our network with public chargers powered by other companies, as we have done in other European countries. At present, we do not comment further on our strategy and business agreements, including potential collaboration with other companies ”.

There are similar requirements in Canada. Tesla applied for and received funding through Natural Resources Canada to build Superchargers in B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan. As part of those agreements, the requirements state that 75% of the EV chargers can be proprietary (e.g., Tesla), and the remaining 25% must be universal.

While it would be good news for the advancement of EV adoption if Tesla does indeed open their expansive Supercharger network to other EVs, it could also cause some issues, especially for current Tesla owners. More EVs wanting to charge opens up the possibility of crowded Superchargers and Tesla owners waiting in line for an open stall. There is still the question of how those drivers will be billed for their charging sessions.

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