Tesla offering European flood victims free Supercharging


Thousands of people in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are facing unprecedented flooding. In response, Tesla wants to make things a little easier and is now offering free charging at Tesla Superchargers.

Starting on July 18th, people in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium will have free access to chargers. As Tesla Superchargers are directly connected to solar panels, local power outages do not affect them. Although it is a small gesture, Tesla hopes to help people get home or somewhere safe with these free charges.

Tesla offering free charges in times of crisis is not something new. Recent natural disasters in the United States, China and Australia all had the automaker provide free charging.

There is no deadline when paid charging will resume. Further to this, Tesla did not confirm how many of their Superchargers are still online. As well, the company did not provide information if any Supercharging stations were facing issues due to flooding.

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