Tesla launches MegaPack order page and pricing

Tesla Megapack

Tesla officially launched a new order and pricing page for its Megapack. Designed for utility-scale energy storage, this is the first time pricing is publicly available. Previously, the Megapack was only sold business to business.

In California, Megapack starts at $1,235,890 USD, which does not include the annual maintenance costs or taxes. However, Tesla does offer a deal with the cost per unit dropping with every unit added to the order. Costs vary from state to state, and the Megapack is not available outside of the United States for the moment.

In addition, Tesla’s site suggests a couple of ways a business could use Megapacks:

– Postponing grid infrastructure upgrades by supplying power at a distributed location

– Building a localized grid that can disconnect from the primary grid

– Providing voltage or capacity support

– Providing a storage solution for renewable energy

Finally, an order requires a non-refundable $5,000 deposit to secure a Megapack. For those who are in the market, the first Megapack deliveries will happen in 2022.

However, only California, Nevada and Texas Megapacks start shipping in 2022,  other states ship in 2023 or later.

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