Tesla has opened their first Supercharger in Singapore

A 3-stall V3 Supercharger has just opened at the Orchard Central shopping center in Singapore, making it the tiny nation’s first, V3 or otherwise.

Photos of a Model 3 charging at the newly-open station were posted on LinkedIn by Christopher Bousigues, a “country manager” at Tesla.

“Delighted to announce that ahead of deliveries beginning soon in Singapore we have launched the first Tesla V3 Supercharger in South East Asia today.
We want to thank LTA and Minister S Iswaran for their support in launching the Sandbox program as part of the mission of accelerating the world, and Singapore’s, transition to sustainable energy.
#GreenPlan2030 #GoSingapore #GoElectric #GoTesla

Image via Christopher Bousigues /LinkedIn

The station is not yet shown on Find Us, but it is due to show up there within the next few days.

Parking is paid at all times (and open 24/7) according to One Motoring, a government website (parking rates for Orchard Central are available at the link).

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