European Tesla Model 3/Y deliveries will be without radar starting in Q2 2022

European Tesla Model 3 and Model Y reservation holders set to take delivery next quarter will have to accept their new vehicles with one less feature than when they ordered.

According to a new approval (v22) granted on February 21, 2022, Q2 exports from Giga Shanghai will have the radar units removed, shifting instead to Tesla Vision.

The approval also lists a number of other changes, mostly to do with new parts suppliers, and an update to the headlamp control module. (h/t: @tesla_adri)

The shift to using cameras instead of radar in Europe could be related to comments from CEO Elon Musk last year.

In December Musk said that Tesla aims to release “significant” improvements to Autopilot for vehicles outside of the US by March 2022.

This is just the latest shift away from radar since first announcing its removal in the Model 3 and Model Y in May 2021.

Last month Tesla announced radar was no longer included in the Model S and Model X built at Fremont, meaning all cars built out of the California factory are now shipping without the extra hardware.

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