You don’t need a racetrack for the Tesla Model S Plaid to reach 60mph in under 2 seconds

Image via DragTimes /YouTube

Tesla’s website claims a 0-60mph time of just 1.99 seconds for the new Model S Plaid. When the first official review of the electric sedan was published by MotorTrend, they were able to match that time, but put a big asterisks against it.

According to the publication they felt the time was only achievable under very specific circumstances, namely being on a super sticky racetrack. Without the help of VHT MotorTrend was only able to achieve a time of 2.07 seconds. Still blisteringly fast, but not under 2 seconds.

Popular YouTube racer Brooks Weisblat of DragTimes has been able to quash that claim. In a series of runs on the street he was able to reach 60mph in 1.99 seconds. This time includes the industry standard 1 foot rollout.

Dragtimes 0 to 60 Model S Plaid
Image via DragTimes /YouTube

As he points out in his video, a human being can’t tell the difference between a time of 1.99 or 2.07, but when it comes down to it Tesla has produced the quickest production car available today.

Unfortunately Weisblat wasn’t able to beat the quarter-mile record…yet. We told you about the new unofficial record earlier today that was set over the weekend in Illinois. You can read all about that lightning fast run and see the video here.

You can watch the DragTimes video below.

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