The Vernon Tesla Supercharger has begun construction [British Columbia]


Construction has begun on a new Supercharger at the Vernon Smart Centres (2200 58 Ave). Construction equipment was found onsite by local Tesla owner @teslainvernon. Although there is no visible Tesla equipment in the photos he posted on Twitter, there is a small sign saying “V3 SC left” placed near some construction material.

Per NRCan filings found in March, this site will have a total of 12 V3 Superchargers plus 4 universal fast charging stations.

Image via @teslainvernon/Twitter

Another Supercharger is planned for nearby Salmon Arm, BC at Askew’s Foods. These stops should evenly spread traffic headed to and from Alberta, which used to be highly concentrated at the original Kelowna Supercharger, back when it was the only Supercharger in operation.

Once all these sites are completed, there will be a total of 34 stalls between Kelowna and Salmon Arm, 26 of which are V3.

The Vernon Supercharger will most likely be a V3 station and will charge to a maximum of 250 kW, although it is worth noting that Elon recently teased the Supercharger network is being upgraded to reach 300kW.

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