Watch a Tesla Model Y get attacked with a hammer

Model Y hammer vandal

We have seen some senseless acts of vandalism against Tesla vehicles in the past, from being keyed to even knifing them. This latest incident involving a hammer may be the worst.

The incident took place on Christmas eve morning at around 10:00am in Orange County, California. In a video provided to Drive Tesla, a suspect wearing all black and his face partially covered can be seen approaching the vehicle from the left.

Unfortunately due to the angle the suspect approached the vehicle, the onboard cameras didn’t capture a good view of the suspect. The best footage was obtained from a Ring surveillance camera outside the victim’s house.

As the suspect gets close to the two-month old Model Y, we can see a mobile phone in his left hand and a hammer in his right hand. Without giving it a second thought, the suspect begins wildly swinging the hammer at the driver’s window.

After three strong hits without success (where’s Franz when you need him?), he then takes the hammer to the door. This time he is able to inflict some serious damage, going completely through the door panel.

According to the victim, he received a text message shortly after the attack which said, “😛😛😛😛😛 bitch”. If it wasn’t clear enough already, this message clearly shows this was a premeditated attack.

A police report has been filed and the victim is hoping the suspect will be identified soon. If you have any information about the suspect’s identity, please contact the Orange Police Department, or email us at and we can pass the information along to the victim.

Here is the full video of the attack, which lasts just 6 seconds.

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