New Tesla Supercharger pins reveal more details about each location

One of the features included in the Tesla holiday software update was called ‘Supercharger Display Improvements’. The release notes only mention how the Supercharger pins will display the number of the available stalls, but there are actually a number of other changes that improve your Supercharging experience.

With the improvements we now get to see more details about each Supercharger location. Some of the new information includes which locations are busy enough that you may experience a wait, which have stalls out of order, and if the location is closed.

Supercharger pin details
Image via @greentheonly /Twitter

Probably the most welcomed improvement is the one that tells you if you may need to wait to use a Supercharger. It could be even better though with data Tesla already has.

According to hacker @greentheonly, Tesla should be able to tell us how many cars are in line based on the number of cars with a low state of charge (SoC) within a geofenced area around the Supercharger.

While some of this information was available previously, you had to click on the Supercharger pin to reveal it. Now you can easily tell by simply looking at the pin on the touchscreen.

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