Tesla Model Y All-Weather Protection kits now standard in select regions in Canada and US

In May Drive Tesla was first to report that the Tesla Model Y All-Weather Protection Kits were being installed free of charge in select markets in Canada and the US.

The kits, which include PPF by the rear wheels and front mud flaps, were being installed pre-delivery in areas that experienced heavy salt, sand, or gravel to improve winter road conditions.

It appears the trial was successful as the kits have now been made standard, but again only in select markets.

In an email sent to Tesla employees this afternoon, a copy of which was obtained by Drive Tesla, the All-Weather Protection Kits will be installed at no cost in the following areas:

  • West Canada
  • Eastern Canada
  • Northwest
  • Great Lakes
  • New England
  • Upper Midwest
  • Lower Midwest
  • Greater Chicago
  • Selected impacted regions in greater NY and greater Philadelphia

Interestingly, the email specifies West and Eastern Canada, implying that there might be sections of the country that do not qualify. We have reached out to a source for clarification and will update this article when we receive a reply.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has decided to give extra protection to owners that experience harsh winter conditions. In 2019 Tesla provided All-Weather Protection Kits to Canadian Model 3 owners, except those in British Columbia. The good news is it looks like that part of the country is included in the Model Y program.

If you are not in the included areas, you can still purchase the PPF and mud flaps yourself from the Tesla Shop.

If you’re looking for a cheaper aftermarket option for mud flaps that covers all four wheels and not just the front, we recommend the Model Y mud flaps from Tesloid (coupon code DTC10 will save you 10%).

We recommend new Model Y owners purchase both as even driving on normal (non-gravel) roads, these areas can accumulate hundreds of small paint chips, otherwise known as sandblasting and ruin your paint.



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