How to set up Boombox to play custom sounds in your Tesla (plus a list of downloadable MP3s)

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Perhaps the most loved feature to be included in Tesla’s holiday software update was the Boombox. For vehicles equipped with the Pedestrian Warning System (PWS), you can now customize the sound your car makes when your press the horn, drive the car or when your car is moving with Summon.

Tesla did include a short list of custom sound to select from, but you can also add your own to make it even more fun.

To do this you are going to need is a USB drive. You can use your existing USB drive that is used for Sentry Mode and DashCam, but you will need to partition it to save the MP3’s.

These instruction will deal with the easier way of using a second USB drive. Since the short MP3’s are very small in size and you can only have up to 5 at any given time, the USB drive can be small in size (less than 1GB).

How to setup Boombox

Step 1: Insert USB drive into your computer

Step 2: Erase and format it to the ExFAT format.

  • MAC
    • Disk Utility
    • Select your USB drive
    • Click ‘Erase’
    • Name: Boombox
    • Format: ExFAT
    • Click ‘Erase’
  • PC
    • Computer
    • Manage
    • Disk Management
    • Select your USB drive
    • Click ‘Format’
    • Click ‘Yes’
    • Name: Boombox
    • File System: Boombox
    • Click ‘OK’

Step 3: Add custom MP3 files

  • Make sure all file names have no spaces in them

Step 4: Plug in your USB

Step 5: Go to the ToyBox > Boombox and select your new MP3’s from the drop down list. They will all be named with a prefix of USB.

Honk the horn and enjoy!

Custom MP3 sounds for Boombox

Check out our complete list of downloadable custom sounds for your Boombox here.

If you’re more of a visual learner, here are a couple of short video tutorials. The first video also includes information on how to partition your current USB drive so you only have to use one drive.

PC Instructions

Mac Instructions

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