Did Tesla already install Armor Glass in the Model 3? Watch a would-be thief attempt to break the rear window of a Tesla with a metal bike lock

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck to the world back in November, probably the most memorable part of the event was when Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen flexed his muscles and broke the Armor Glass windows of the Cybertruck not once, but twice.

glass breaks

Musk later revealed the ‘unbreakable’ glass broke because of the several sledge hammer hits to the door moments before the steel ball test, which had broken the base of the glass in the door panel.

But it appears the current glass installed in the Model 3 is almost unbreakable too, as evidenced by this thief’s attempt to smash the rear window of a Model 3.

The incident occurred last week just outside Vancouver, British Columbia in Maple Ridge. The Model 3 was parked in an empty parking lot on the corner of 238b St and Dewdney Trunk Road. The thief can be seen approaching the vehicle and checking out if there is anything in the back seat. It was empty, but that doesn’t stop him from still trying to break in.

He then goes slightly off camera and appears to pull his metal bike lock out of his backpack. After making sure there was no one around, he takes a sizeable swing at the rear window, only to have the metal lock bounce right off the window.

The force of the impact did trigger the alarm, which frightens the thief enough to leave the scene without taking another shot at the window.

Amazingly, the owner reports there was no damage to the window at all, and didn’t even know the incident occurred until reviewing the Sentry Mode footage days later. If anyone recognizes the thief and his distinctive blue bike, please contact Ridge-Meadows-RCMP.

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