Tesla dominates U.S. EV market taking 72% of registrations in Q1 2021

Tesla posted a record first quarter of 2021, delivering nearly 185,000 cars around the world in the three month period. A large portion of those sales went to the US, where new vehicle registration data shows the automaker saw a substantial increase year over year (YoY).

From January to March there were 71,345 Tesla vehicles registered in the US, according to data from Experian. That represents a huge increase of 52% compared to the same quarter in 2020.

The strong performance wasn’t quite enough to put it at the top of the list of luxury car brands in the US. Tesla was in fourth behind first place BMW with 84,387 registrations (+29%), followed by Lexus (80,166, +32%) and Mercedes Benz (77,826, +24%).

It was however enough to easily make Tesla number one in EV registrations. The Model Y was the leading seller accounting for 41% of the US EV market. Sales of the Model 3 were strong with 27,362 registrations in Q1 2021 in the US.

The competition wasn’t even close. The next best-selling EV was the Chevy Bolt with just 9,069 registrations.

In terms of which states are the most popular, Tesla’s home state of California unsurprisingly takes first place with 37,189 registrations. Next is Florida (8,010), Texas (5,500), and New York (5,047).

Source: Automotive News

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