First look at the Tesla Model Y trunk and cargo space

Even though there have been hundreds of sightings of the Model Y in recent months as it has been undergoing road testing, the interior (in particular what the third row seating will look like) is still mostly a mystery.

The best information we had were these renderings, and the second-hand information from a lucky Tesla owner who got a private tour of the interior at a Supercharger.

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With the first deliveries of the Model Y expected to begin next month, we’re finally getting our first official look inside the rear cargo space of the electric SUV. The photos, which were posted to Reddit and taken by Thomas Andre Davik, show a Model Y with the trunk open (with power struts) with a very roomy rear cargo area.

Tesla Model Y rear trunk open

It appears the jackets were strategically placed as they perfectly cover what should be the third row folded down. With that row gone, there is a large amount of cargo space available.

Another picture also shows that, much like its little sibling Model 3, it will also come with a sub trunk. Based on the information provided by that lucky Model 3 owner who got to privately check out the interior of a Model Y, there could even be a second smaller sub trunk.

Tesla Model Y rear trunk open 2

The Tesla Model Y is available for pre-order now on the Tesla Canada website. The Long Range version starts at $72,390, and the Performance version starts at $84,390. Deliveries are expected to begin mid-2020.

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