Tesla Semi Megachargers under construction at Giga Nevada

Even though Tesla has delayed the release of the Semi until 2023, the company appears to be forging ahead with testing of the electric truck.

One of the key items to test before its release will be Supercharging, and to do so the company has begun installing the first Semi Megachargers at its factory in Nevada.

According to several images supplied to Tesla enthusiast Sawyer Merritt, there appears to be at least 4 Megachargers nearing completion at Giga Nevada. There is nothing in the images to show these are in fact Megachargers, or what they will look like, but the long parking spots clearly indicate they are clearly for the trailer truck.

Merritt further revealed that the Megachargers are being built for the first Semi test trucks for trips between Giga Nevada and Tesla’s factory in Fremont.

There have been previous rumours that Giga Nevada was also home to a test production line dedicated to the Semi.

While this is a good sign that testing is progressing, it does not mean the Semi will be out earlier than expected. Tesla is still facing significant supply chain issues and their focus is on ensuring Giga Texas and Giga Berlin can ramp production of the Model Y.

Since they are located at Giga Nevada, these Megachargers will likely only be available for internal use. The first public Megachargers will likely be built at a Fritolay facility. Drive Tesla reported exclusively on the permit associated with an expansion of their facility in Modesto, California.

Tesla’s first known Semi Megachargers to be installed at FritoLay’s Modesto facility

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