Lucid announces DreamDrive advanced driver-assist system

Lucid might not have delivered any customer cars yet, but the company has announced details this morning around its DreamDrive technology.

DreamDrive is an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) that employs 32 sensors and a multi-faceted driver-monitoring approach. The system provides a full 360-degree view around the car with 14 outward light cameras and four cameras looking down and around the car’s perimeter.

With DreamDrive, Lucid will become the first automaker in North America with on-board high-resolution LiDAR.

Image via Lucid

In addition, the vehicle includes five radar sensors for blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic alerts and cut-in detection. At launch, it looks like Lucid‘s DreamDrive will be a hands-on system like Nissan’s Pro Pilot Assist or Volvo’s Pilot Assist.

The system will include collision avoidance, Highway Assist and Traffic Jam Assist.

Image via Lucid

As well, the company also announced DreamDrive Pro. The Pro model comes standard in the Lucid Air Dream and Lucid Air Grand Touring. The pro upgrade is optional for the other models.

It includes additional computing and sensor hardware and also has over-the-air software capability.


As per the company, the system will continue to increase its functions. At the minimum, they hope to add hands-free capabilities in the near future.

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