Tesla installs Megachargers in Sacramento to support new fleet of PepsiCo Tesla Semi trucks

Tesla delivered their first Semi trucks to PepsiCo at a special event held at Giga Nevada earlier this month. In the lead up to those deliveries PepsiCo confirmed their new Tesla Semi trucks would service two of their facilities in California in Modesto and Sacramento.

As we have previously reported Tesla has installed Megachargers at Giga Nevada and PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay facility in Modesto. Those builds and installations were well tracked by Tesla enthusiasts in the area, but it looks like another Megacharger installation went completely under the radar.

Tesla has also built a 4 stall Megacharger at the PepsiCo beverages plant in Sacramento at 7550 Reese Rd, according to photos shared with us showing two Semi trucks covered with the Pepsi logo that were seen parked next to the Megachargers last night.

Based on these photos and according to a review of Google imagery the Megacharger station was placed along the northern lot line, just inside of a security gate, which is likely why the installation went unnoticed.

This aerial imagery does not include a specific date for when it was taken, but appears to show the beginning of construction. Another photo uploaded to Google that is date stamped as being taken in August 2022 shows the station was complete and ready to go.

With this installation there are now three 4-stall Megachargers installations, two in California and one in Nevada.

Tesla has yet to confirm how big the battery in the Semi is, but based on details shared during the delivery event it is around 900kWh, or maybe even as much as 950kWh. Despite the massive battery it can be recharged quickly thanks to the 1,000 volt architecture of the Semi and the 1MW+ DC fast charging capability of the Megachargers.

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