Tesla updates Video Guide support page with cleaner, easier to use layout

Tesla appears to have some some new web designers. After a redesign to the owner’s manuals last month, the company has also updated the Video Guide support pages with a new easy to use layout.

The Video Guides page has a “Browse by Product” section where a user can select their vehicle or Energy product to see all the applicable support videos.

Tesla video guides
Image via Tesla

There is also a “Browse by Topic” section for a more generalized categorization of videos. Once in that section, users can toggle between Vehicle and Energy products, as well as select a specific vehicle.

Image via Tesla

Tesla has also included a “Trending Videos” section to showcase the most popular support videos accessed by owners.

You can check out the new page here. You have to set the location to the United States to see the new layout, as the Canadian version has not yet been updated (below).

old layout
Image via Tesla
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