Tesla’s first known Semi Megachargers to be installed at FritoLay’s Modesto facility

FritoLay is currently in the process of getting the first Tesla Semi Megachargers installed at their delivery center at 600 Garner Road in Modesto, California. The stations are being installed as part of as expansion of the current facility.

The charging stations will service up to 100 Tesla Semis, 15 of which are supposed to arrive later this year. FritoLay already has a dozen 62.5 kilowatt ChargePoint stations which charge up some of the company’s electric box trucks, among other things.

Tesla’s Megachargers will be installed adjacent to the existing chargers. The number of stations was not indicated in the site plan nor in a separate permit which specifically addresses the Tesla stations. The installation will also include a Megapack battery storage unit.

Once in place, the chargers should be easily visible from Leckron Road.

Fritolay Tesla Semichargers

So far we do not know what the Semi Megachargers will look like, but we do know that they could reach up to 1 MW in power per vehicle. It is not known whether or not other Tesla vehicles can charge on these stations. The charge port on the Semi is different from other models and we do not know if an adapter will be available.

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