Tesla starts construction on two new Supercharger stations in Ontario

Tesla has started construction on two new Supercharger stations in Canada, a 24 stall station in Brampton and a 20 stall station in Vaughan.

Brampton Supercharger

In May of last year we told you about plans Tesla had filed to build a 24 stall Supercharger stations at at Brampton’s Trinity Common Mall (210 Great Lakes Drive). At the time it was going to be tied with Mission, BC as the largest Supercharger station in Canada, but has since been surpassed by a 32 stall station in Mississauga and a 40 stall station in Richmond.

While it may not be the largest in Canada anymore, construction started last week, according to photos shared with us by @tslaTo1000 on X.

Based on the layout and configuration revealed in the plans last year, this site will include one pull-in stall, and will not feature Tesla’s prefabricated Superchargers.

This will be the second Supercharger in Brampton. Last year Tesla opened a 12 stall Supercharger at the Canadian Tire at 2850 Queen Street East.

Vaughan Supercharger

Last year we also told you about other plans Tesla had filed for a  20 stall Supercharger in Vaughan, located at 21 Famous Avenue, and now work has also begun at this site last week.

The site plans show the 20 stalls will be located along Famous Avenue near the PetSmart and Sephora shops, and across from the Chop Steakhouse and Bar.

Vaughan has been a big focus for the Tesla Supercharger team. Last year the company opened a 16 stall station on Ansley Grove Road (3940 Hwy 7). The company also opened a 10 stall station a few kilometers away on Major MacKenzie Drive West.

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