Tesla files plans to build largest Supercharger in Canada

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has filed paperwork to build the largest Supercharger in Canada, a 24-stall station at Brampton’s Trinity Common Mall.

According to the plans filed with the city in March, the chargers will be located in an isolated parking area beside the Rogers store at 210 Great Lakes Drive. Similarly to North York’s Supercharger, the stalls will be built along the outer edges of the parking area, among some general parking spaces.

Based on the layout and configuration revealed in the plans, which includes one pull-in stall, this site will not feature Tesla’s prefabricated Superchargers.

The Supercharger will not come close to the size of the largest in the US, like several in California that are close to 100 stalls, but it will tie what is currently the largest Supercharger in Canada in Hope, British Columbia, which features 24 V3 Superchargers.

Even though there are currently no Superchargers in Brampton, this will be the second station in the city once it is built. That is because Brampton’s first Supercharger has already been built about 8km away at the Canadian Tire on 2850 Queen St E., but has been sitting idle for a few months waiting for the transformer and final connection to the grid.

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