Canada’s largest Tesla Supercharger now open in Richmond, BC

Teslas newest Supercharger in Canada is now open in Richmond, British Columbia. Not only is it the newest Supercharger, it is also the largest in the country, and we didn’t even know about it until last week.

This year we have told you a couple of times about the largest Supercharger set to open in Canada. The first time was back in March when we told you about plans to build a 24 stall station in Brampton, Ontario. That would have tied it as being the largest Supercharger in Canada, the other 24 stall station located in Hope, BC, although that station was built in two phases over the course of a year.

Then in July we told you about the 32 stall Supercharger under construction in Mississauga. That station has yet to open but would have held the title of the largest supercharger in Canada when it did, until last week when a new Supercharger was discovered completely built and waiting to be turned on in Richmond BC.

Interestingly, it was discovered in the background of photos of a car listing on Facebook marketplace. We couldn’t tell how many stalls it was from the photos, but it looked like it was at least 20. As it turns out it is double that size.

On Friday night Tesla turned on 40 V3 Supercharger stalls at 4660 Garden City Road. Part of the reason it went undiscovered is because it is located on the top floor of the parking garage.

According to Tesla’s mobile app, it will cost $0.22/kWh to Supercharge at Canada’s largest station, with no peak or off-peak hours.

This is the third Supercharger to open in Richmond, bringing such much needed capacity to the city just outside of Vancouver that has one of the largest Tesla owner populations per capita in Canada. With this Supercharger there are now 68 stalls available in Richmond, with 20 V2 Superchargers at CF Richmond Center, and 8 V3 Superchargers on Steveston Hwy.

While this is the largest Supercharger station in Canada, it still pales in comparison to some of the mega-stations in California. However it brings Canada closer to the largest Supercharger in the US outside of California, which is the 51-stall station in Sutherlin, Oregon.

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