Tesla sets new production record at Giga Shanghai in January, indicating 800K+ annual run rate

In the latest quarterly shareholder deck, Tesla said Giga Shanghai’s current installed production capacity was greater than 450,000 units per year (>450,000).

Based on the production figures for January 2022, it appears as though the number is significantly greater than 450,000.

According to data from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), a total of 68,117 new cars rolled off the production lines at Giga Shanghai last month. (via @TroyTesLike)

That figure was a new record for the automaker, up from the previous record set in December 2021 of 66,759 units.

When extrapolated out to a full year, Giga’s Shanghai has the potential to produce approximately 817,000 cars in 2022.

However, the figure will likely be even higher than that at the end of the year.

Tesla is currently spending $188 million to expand the facility’s production capacity by launching the second phase of their production line optimization project.

Sea of Teslas spotted at Shanghai’s Luchao Port waiting for export

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