Tesla finally confirms two Cybertruck specs ahead of launch

Tesla has been very quiet about the specs of the Cybertruck, preferring to keep pricing and capabilities of the electric truck under wraps until the delivery event next week. However the company has now confirmed two specs of the Cybertruck, its payload rating and towing capacity.

We told you earlier today that Tesla has started displaying the Cybertruck inside some showrooms in California. One of those is at the Westfield UTC outdoor shopping center in San Diego, where it was put on display on Sunday evening. On Monday the employees added one new element to the display, a sandwich board that revealed new information about the Cybertruck.

According to the poster, titled ‘Designed To Be The World’s Toughest Truck” and shared by X user @dyldebus, the Cybertruck features a sheet molded composite (SMC) bed with a payload rating of up to 2,500lbs. This lines up with the estimates based on information revealed in the VIN decoder. While this falls short of the 3,500lb payload rating advertised when the Cybertruck first launched, it is more than enough for the majority of Cybertruck owners.

Another important spec revealed in the poster is the towing capacity of 11,000lbs. Like the payload rating this is lower than the 14,000lb towing capacity advertised at launch, but exceeds that of the Hummer EV (7,500lbs), Ford F-150 Lightning (10,000lbs) and matches the towing capacity of the Rivian R1T.

Other information included on the poster talks about the adaptive air suspension and the shatter-resistant glass. It also mentions the Cybertruck has an “ultra-hard stainless steel exosekelton” (yes, there’s a typo on the poster), however based on what we have seen at Giga Texas, the company has ditched the exoskeleton.

Probably the most important spec, the Cybertruck’s range, was unfortunately not included on the poster.

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