Tesla starts displaying Cybertucks in showrooms ahead of first deliveries

We can now say the Cybertruck Delivery Event is happening next week, and ahead of those first deliveries Tesla has started displaying the Cybertruck in showrooms. At least two Cybertrucks have been spotted in showrooms in California, but more are expected to be put on display in the coming days.

Over the last few months Tesla has been extensively testing the Cybertruck across the US, and as of this past weekend even now in Canada. Those trucks didn’t drive to their testing locations, instead being hauled on the back of car carriers, of which we have also seen dozens of over the last few months. With the volume of Cybertrucks that have been seen, both on the road testing and being transported, we now know some of them are heading to showrooms.

On Sunday the first two Cybertrucks were put on display in showrooms in southern California, and both of them in high foot traffic locations within malls just days before the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday. One of those was placed in San Jose as the Santana Row shopping center, while the other was at the Westfield UTC outdoor shopping center in San Diego.

Both trucks were roped off to prevent customers from getting too close, and they are expected to be roped off until November 30th when deliveries begin.

As you can see in the photos above, the build quality on these trucks are very good. The panel gaps are non-existent, the doors are perfectly lined up, and the tailgate is sitting flush, all of which were problems on some of the earlier builds of the Cybertruck out of Giga Texas.

If you don’t live in San Jose or San Diego, don’t worry as more are expected to be put in display in the coming days. According to a Cybertruck Owners Club forum member, a total of 20 Cybertrucks have been assigned to showrooms, although the exact locations were not disclosed.

If that report is accurate, that would be double the number of Cybertrucks Tesla is expected to deliver on November 30th at Giga Texas. According to comments made by Javier Verdura, Tesla’s Global Director, Product Design, the company is planning to deliver 10 Cybertrucks at the event.

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