Tesla Cybertruck VIN decoder emerges, revealing important specs

While Tesla has yet to announce the final specs for the Cybertruck, we have learned a few important details about the electric pickup truck after the VIN (vehicle identification number) Decoder has been published on the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA) website.

According to the document, which was first spotted by @greggertruck and is for all model year 2024 Tesla vehicles, two different variants of the Cybertruck have been registered with the agency, a Dual Motor and Triple Motor, with the former being listed as ‘Standard’ and the latter as ‘Performance.’ The two different variants are identified by the 8th digit in the VIN, with D for Dual Motor and E for Triple Motor.

This isn’t really new information, but is confirmation of what we have seen with test vehicles being Dual Motor Cybertrucks, and Elon Musk recently revealing he had driven the Performance variant. It also seemingly confirms that a Quad Motor Cybertruck is no longer in the cards, after Musk said it would be replacing the Tri-Motor variant.

The new, and more important and interesting information is about the Cybertruck’s gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR). The GVWR is the combined weight of both the vehicle itself and its payload, or the the number of pounds of cargo a pickup truck can carry, and the Cybertruck will have two GVWRs, Class G (8,001-9,000lbs) and Class H (9,001-10,000lbs). For comparison, the F-150 Lightning has a GVWR of 8,250-8,550lbs, and the R1T is 8,532lbs.

We don’t yet have an official weight for the Cybertruck, but based on estimates calculated by observing the number of Cybertrucks that have been loaded onto a single car carrier, which can only hold a certain weight limit, it is estimated to be under 7,000lbs. Putting those numbers together, that indicates one variant of the Cybertruck will have a payload capacity of at least 2,000lbs, but with a weight of 6,500lbs could easily match its launch day payload capacity of 3,500lbs.

The publication of the Cybertruck VIN decoder comes just over a month before the first deliveries. Earlier this week Tesla announced the Cybertruck Delivery Event will take place at Giga Texas on November 30, and it is during that event when we should learn the final specs and pricing.

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