General Motors unveils a militarized Hummer EV

We finally have gotten our first glimpse at a militarized GMC Hummer EV called the Electric Military Concept Vehicle (EMCV). The EMCV is a stripped-down Hummer with mods designed for US Army work.

Per a GM spokesperson, the EMCV has a 212-kWH battery delivering 1,000 HP and the same chassis as the Hummer EV. In terms of mods, there are:

  • Tubular roll cage
  • Fox performance shocks
  • 37-inch tires
  • Heavy-duty brakes
  • Improved approach and departure angles

In addition to these features, The Drive noted that the Army is also interested in several perks of the EV. These include “silent watch” and “silent drive” modes and how much energy is stored in the EMCV’s battery pack that could be put towards powering “mission-critical equipment.”

GM Defense has been working directly with the US Department of Defense and US Army on this project, which will not be for sale to the general public. However, if the US Army decides to buy the EMCV, we could see it in army surplus once it reaches its end of life for Army use. Either way, we are sure that with the first pictures of the EMCV already out, modders will be working on their own versions soon enough.

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