SpaceX Raises Starlink Prices for Certain Users in the US

SpaceX has announced a price increase for select US Starlink users, with the company citing increased demand and capacity limitations as the reason behind the higher monthly fees.

According to emails customers have received that have been shared on social media, the new pricing structure is effective June 10, 2024, and will see the monthly fee rise to US$120 for users in areas now considered to have “limited capacity.”

This is an 33% increase from the previous pricing for regions with “excess capacity,” which had been set at US$90.

Credit: u/woodforfire | Reddit

The announcement has drawn a negative reaction from existing Starlink customers, who will see their annual internet bill rise by $360. The increase is too much for some, who have responded by canceling their Starlink service altogether. (via PC Mag)

Interestingly, SpaceX appears to be offering an option to revert the price back to $90 for some users, though this option has proven unreliable. Several users on the Starlink subReddit reported issues with the company’s website and app when attempting to switch to the lower rate.

The current pricing structure, introduced last year, differentiates between areas with “excess” and “limited” capacity. In areas with excess capacity SpaceX offered lower monthly fees of $90 in an attempt to attract customers. This adjustment likely reflects the success this approach with the addition thousands of new subscribers.

As of the most recent update from SpaceX in March, there were over 2.7 million Starlink subscribers at that time.

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