Tesla Cybertruck reservation holders in Canada could lose their spot in line – here’s why

There is some bad news for some Canadian Cybertruck reservation holders, as a simple mistake when placing the order will result in the cancellation of your reservation, relegating you to the end of a very long waiting list.

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck back in November 2019, and on the same night opened up reservations for it. Even with its radical design, or maybe because of it, Tesla was swarmed with reservations, accumulating nearly 150,000 of them within the first 36 hours.

Many of those were from Canadians, but a small and simple mistake during the ordering process could cost you your spot in line.

That mistake was placing the reservation on the US version of Tesla’s website, and not the Canadian version. As a result, Tesla is now cancelling those orders and refunding the deposit, meaning customers will have to place a new order today, putting them at the back of the reservation line, which is well over 1 million people deep, and even possibly 2 million according to some estimates.

While our sources were not able to confirm this as it relates to the Cybertruck specifically, we were told that the same policy is in place for all of Tesla’s other vehicles purchased on the US site by Canadians. In the last week we have had two customers reach out to Drive Tesla to confirm their orders were cancelled.

How do you tell if you placed your Cybertruck reservation on the Canadian or US site? One way is to check your credit card statement and see if you were billed C$150 or US$100. If it was the former, you’re ok, but if it was the latter expect your order to be cancelled.

An easier way to check is to log in to your Tesla account, open your Cybertruck reservation, and download your Order Agreement. If the footer of your agreement says “Cybertruck Motor Vehicle Pre-Order Agreement – Canada (v. 20XXXXXX en_CA)”, then you are ok. If it says US instead of Canada, then you’re unfortunately out of luck.

Here’s what the footer should look like, taken from our Cybertruck Order Agreement.

Unfortunately there is no way around this, and Tesla is unable to honour your reservation, and if you still want a Cybertruck, you will have to place a new order. Given the production ramp, Tesla’s targeted capacity at full production, and the long line of customers ahead of you, it will likely mean a wait of 3 to 4 years, or more, before getting your Cybertruck.

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