Tesla China installs its 10,000th Supercharger stall

In what has been a month of big news events, Tesla China has installed its 10,000th Supercharger in Mainland China.

The charger was installed under the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai on Monday.

The Supercharger is a one-of-a-kind red colouring which symbolizes good luck and prosperity in many East Asian cultures.

Tesla China now has over 1,500 Supercharger stations across the country.

Their destination charger also continues to grow, with over 700 charging stations.

Ten thousand chargers is not a small task, especially considering that Tesla installed its first Supercharger in September 2012.

While the company only hit 100 Supercharging stations in 2016.

Tesla China now has one of the deepest charging networks in the country.

Currently, it has chargers in over 320 cities.

In first-tier Chinese cities, on average, Tesla customers are within 15 minutes of a Supercharger.

On its Weibo account, Tesla China said this:

With the completion of the 10,000th charger of Tesla’s Supercharger network in the Chinese mainland just around the corner, and with such a dense and diverse network layout, what’s the difficulty of charging.

In other Tesla China news, Giga Shanghai has shut down for its annual maintenance work on its vehicle production line.

However, its charging pile production and other workshops continue to operate.

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