Montreal Supercharger ready to open [Quebec]

urban supercharger
Image via Tesla

Montreal’s Downtown Supercharger is finally here, although it’s probably not what most people expected.

8 Urban (72kW) Supercharger stalls have just finished construction at the Hampton Inn located at 985 St-Laurent Blvd, in the city’s Chinatown district. They are expected to be commissioned later in the week.

In the meantime, 8 Electric Circuit chargers are available at the rate of $1/session, as well as 6 Destination Chargers, which can be used at no cost.

If you do plan on charging here, be prepared to pay and arm and a leg. The parking rates are as follows:

The hotel opened just last month, which is likely why the Supercharger went undiscovered for so long. It was also the reason the pin kept getting delayed, since the hotel’s opening kept being pushed back.

Although Montrealers have been awaiting a Supercharger in the downtown area, this new location is quite a letdown for most drivers who just need a quick charge.

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