‘Ford Charge Angels’ spotted for the first time

Ford announced plans last year to deploy a fleet of Mustang Mach-Es known as the “Ford Charge Angels.” In an effort to improve the Ford Blue Oval Charge Network, the goal of the team was to seek out faulty EV charging stations across the United States.

The program was announced in October, but the full details weren’t revealed until December.


Now one of the ‘Charge Angels’ has been spotted in public for the first time, and ironically it wasn’t at a charge station. Ford Authority did not disclose where the Grabber Blue Mach-E was spotted, but based on the license plate we are assuming it was somewhere in the automaker’s home state of Michigan.

Each ‘Charge Angel’ is driven by a Ford technician and equipped with diagnostic systems to test and monitor charger performance, communications, and billing protocols.

All the information obtained while on the road is transmitted back to a special team at Ford’s headquarters, which then analyzes the data to identify any technical issues with the chargers.

If any are found, Ford will notify the third-party charging network provider to send out a team to correct the issues.

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